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Blake Secret Santa 2018

This is my take on the Blake Secret Santa 2018, organized by our lovely rahleeyah (my personal secret and not secret at all dear friend!).

Since I don't want to be marked sensitive because of the pictures once again, so I posted this story in my old LJ account.

I had a great prompt which despite its greatness, nonetheless kept me up some nights trying to find a stroke of inspiration. So I decided to do something totally different, a mixture of fanfiction, hint of music and some visual effects. Besides this is a personal challenge for me from me, as a way to struggle with my English grammar by doing something new.

My prompt was "a perfect love". Omg, they are perfect, aren't they?

Just a friendly reminder, that there is no second movie in my universe.

So, let's go!

A perfect love

March 25, 1964

It was a quiet autumn evening and the entire house was asleep. Jean was sitting comfortably ensconced on the couch, wrapped in a blanket. Lucien called her a few hours ago to say that he woulde be late because of some emergency at the police station.
- Hello my dear, - Lucien’s voice was gentle and barely audible. She seemed to have already slumbered, when she felt his careful kiss through her dreaming. Jean opened her eyes and noticed her husband was already wearing his pajamas with dressing gown hanging loosely.
Also there was an open bottle of wine and a cardboard box on the table. Today was a special day and there was this very special box. The box filled with memories of their honeymoon.

- Come here, Lucien, - she threw the blanket off her shoulders and opened her arms, welcoming him to seat beside her.
- I've been dreaming about this moment all day long, - he admitted. He scooped the box to his lap. – And I'm assuming that you'll find something new in this box today, - his voice was a murmur. And as soon as he opened the lid, she noticed it.


- Lucien! - her voice was filled with surprise. She was absolutely and completely awake. – You didn't dare! I can't believe you took that picture! - she turned her head and raised an eyebrow.
- Why not? - He smiled disarmingly. - You were devilishly seductive. You know, sitting there in that chair and…, - he rolled his eyes dreamily.
- It was hot…- she started enthusiastically, like she was trying to explain something.
- Beyond question, - he grinned. His gaze seemed to peer inside. – Seems we've been overheated for these four months.
- Lucien, look, is it that ukulele? – she leaned over the photo with curiosity. And then she heard his deep and velvety voice. It was the same song that they had heard everywhere during their week on the lake Lac de Montriond in the province Haute-Savoie in France. She closed her eyes slightly smiling. And then she felt that Lucien stood up.

Blue moon, you saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

- Come to me, my dear, let's dance, - his warm hand found hers and pulled towards him, forcing her to get up too.

Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Some one I really could care for

They danced too slowly for his rhythmic singing. He was caressing gently up and down the small of her back, the other hand was intertwined with hers. She kept quiet with her face buried in the crook of his neck.

And then you suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms could ever hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked the moon had turned to gold

His voice became quieter and quieter, she felt as he pressed his cheek to her hair. Lucien slipped his hands around her waist, and Jean put her arms around his neck in response. For a moment she thought they had returned to that lazy and hot June evening, when he had sung this song to her again and again.

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own (1)

- Do you have more photos I haven't seen? - her voice sounded muffled. The song ended, but they were still hugging. Finally she raised her head and looked at him. - Of course you do!
- Oh, let’s see, - he sat back down on the couch and pulled her to his side. There was a rustle of papers.


- I took this picture, - Jean paused for a moment. - Oh, and it was such a beautiful day! - she gently traced the photo with fingers taking in its entire image.
- Speaking of the wine, - he gave her a glass of wine. - Happy anniversary to you, my darling! - they clinked glasses. – I love you. - his voice cracked. Lucien wasn't sure if it was him who leaned towards her or she was coming for him, but their lips met in a sweet lingering kiss.
- I love you too, Lucien. - Jean raised a hand to scratch at his beard. It was rough, and she smiled. So... - her voice trailed off. - What's next?
- Here, - he handed the next photo to her. He finished his wine and put the glass on the table.


- Lucien, thats my legs! - a hint of perplexity could be heard in her voice.
- Bloody hell! - Lucien suddenly exclaimed, causing Jean to startle. Then his warm hand slipped from her knee to her thigh experimentally. – Actually mine, - he could read a question in her eyes, and then continued. - I was fascinated by the sight of your long... hmm beautiful legs in these high-heeled shoes, that's all, - he confessed.
- Well, I'm glad, - his hand was still fondling her thigh while she touched his face with the tips of her fingers, gently stroking his jaw line. – But do we have something except my glorious nudity? - she smirked.


- We have something devoted to your feminine grace...- he offered her the following photo.
- That time we walked so long that we got lost. Remember? - they both started laughing. - I was cold and you were warming me up, - Jean added with a shiver and caught a lustful expression on his face.
- Yeah. It took me a lo-o-ong time to warm you up. - he growled with a boyish face.


- I miss Mattie, - he handed her the next photo, quietly hiding another one in the box.- I'm so glad we visited her in London.
- Sweet girl. We made sure she was happy with Winston. - she paused. - Did you involve her in the plan of your secret photos? - she questioned, trying not to be pushy.
- A bit, - Lucien answered quickly avoiding her face.
- What have you got hidden from me there? - she asked, nodding back towards the box.


- It's blurry, - he replied, trying to look as innocent as possible.
- We were naked, - she emphasized every word, saying it slowly. Then Jean laughed uncomfortably.
- Actually half naked, - Lucien paused and took a deep breath. - Jean, look at me, it wasn't on purpose. She and Winston came back for the bag they forgot on the beach. And she saw us, relaxed and happy, - while he was talking, he saw how her mood was changing.
- Sorry, - she was trying sound more confident. He was right after all. They were so happy one windy day at West Wittering deserted beach. They were more than just happy, they were wild and reckless. Jean wanted to memorize every single second of that day. And now she had a photo.

The next moment something caught her attention.

- Oh, look at this! I remember the day it was drawn! - she pulled a piece of paper out of a pile of tickets, checks, and postcards. - We should frame it, shouldn’t we?


- Uh... my head's too small here, - he fiddled the picture in his hands and put it aside.
- Don't be so picky, Lucien, - she gently disagreed.
- I don't. By the way I have my own painting, and it's just perfect! - he carefully took a small oil painting out of the box.


- I still can't believe you asked a street artist to rent his paints and brushes! - she met his gaze and took a sip of wine.
- And I absolutely refused to give it as a charity to the museum! - Lucien winked to her with a playful smile.
- I think it belongs to our bedroom, - looking around, Jean offered. - I quite like that.


- Was it in Greece? - she took out the following photo.
- On that day you refused to wake up and missed a delicious breakfast, - he simply nodded.
- I was exhausted… you know, - she tilted her head and vaguely waved her hand.
- From what? - he started innocently with a soft laugh.

His intense gaze made her blush a little. Jean smiled back and began to hum. Her voice was soft and clear. It was another song that sounded everywhere for months during their honeymoon. And as much as she loved it, he obviously didn't, and always said the same thing.

Tonight you're mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you… (2)

- Shhhh, - not allowing her to finish singing the song to the end, he put his finger to her full lips, forcing her to silence. - I do love you, Jeannie. And I will be. Always, - Lucien leaned over to kiss her. He traced her lips with gentle light kisses leaving her craving for a lot more.
- It was perfect..., - Jean allowed herself a smile of anticipation, - our honeymoon. - One of her hands gently scraped his back of neck.
- You are perfect, - kissing her again, Lucien wrapped his arms around her waist and rolled, taking her to his lap, softly placed one of his hands on her neck while his other arm laid gently around her waist caressing and supporting her in place.
- Perfect... my love, - in the next second they were lost in each other.

The End.

Songs from the List of Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles of 1961:
(1) Blue Moon by The Marcels
(2) Will You Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles

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